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India stepping towards setting foot on moon ; Chandrayaan 2 in near future !


India stepping towards setting foot on moon ; Chandrayaan 2 in near future !

India stepping towards setting foot on moon ; Chandrayaan 2 in near future !

America was the first country to land in moon with their space launching mission Apollo 11. Now 50 years later Indian space research organisation will launch its most ambitious Lunar project yet. On July 15 chandrayaan 2 is gonna leave Earth, in its journey to the moon, about 3.84 lakh kilometres away.

This is not the very first mission of India, chandrayaan 1 was the very first mission of India to the moon. But scientists says this mission as the first step towards Indians to the moon, Indian scientists setting foot on moon sometime in the future. A former member of ISRO commission pointed out this mission is similar to the American mission Apollo series. Which took the first human to the moon

More similarities is there, The “Apollo 11 eagle” lander of America and “chandrayaan 2 lander Vikram” is equivalent. Apollo 11 eagle lander was landed in the sea of tranquility on July 23 1969 carrying Neil Armstrong and Edwin bus Aldrin. Chandran 2 later will continue to orbit the moon carrying out its on studies, while doing so expect that there is no human inside it.

This is the first step towards sending the first Indian person to the moon in the near future technologically. Recordically this mission is the second mission, first was “Change 4” a China’s mission landed in the moon on January 3rd 2019.

China’s Mission to mars ” Change 4″

Chandrayaan 2 has another one mission that to find water in the moon’s South pole. As solar energy powers the entire system, ISRO needs a place with good visibility and that place enables the perfect communication system. The lunar South pole is under the shadow more than North pole followed by this, there is a chance to find water and minerals in moon’s lunar South pole.

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