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How to apply for Portugal work permit ? even in visit visa ; Easy method fully explained

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How to apply for Portugal work permit ? even in visit visa ; Easy method fully explained

How to apply for Portugal work permit ? even in visit visa ; Easy method fully explained

Portugal has finally announced it’s new immigration law that will allow foreigners to get temporary residence permit without any extra restrictions of legal entry into country. The Portuguese parliament has already approved this law in February 2019. President Marcelo Rebelo D’Souza on 23rd march 2019 signed this law and implemented it for entry, exit and removal of foreigners from Portugal.


The diploma results from projects delivered in 2018 by PCP, BE and People Animal Nature ( PAN ) party, with amendments proposed by the PS according to

Key facts of new law

This new law will allow foreigners to have their registration done to SEF ( Servico De Estrangeiros e Fronteiras ) without showing any legal entry into Portugal. Previously according to article 88 paragraph 2, it was mandatory to show the government that there has been legal entry into the nation territory. Otherwise the case was dealt according to article 123.


Any foreigner, after entering Portugal can apply for residence permit having job in hand. Foreigners with illegal entry into Portugal will have to show that they have contributed to social security system for 12 months ( Have Paid tax for a year ). This new law ends the previous law of 2007 that gave the right to foreigners to get residence permit if they have legal entry into Portugal.

How to get entry into Portugal country even with visit visa ?

You should preferably apply online ( expression of interest ) through SAPA portal. Personally submitted application may be submitted by other applicant or through his legal representative ( Lawyer ) at any SEF directorate or Regional delegation. You must include following documents with your applicationapplication.


What all the documents needed to get work permit in Portugal ?

  1. Passport or other Valley travel document.
  2. Proof of regular entry into Portuguese territory ( valid visa possession, when applicable for entry into Portugal within the visa waiver period ) no issue if you can provide that.
  3. Proof of means of subsistence as provided for in administrative roll number 1563/2007 of 11/12.
  4. Certificate of criminal record of the country of origin.
  5. Certificate of criminal record of the country where you have lived for more than 1 year.
  6. Accommodation documents.
  7. Proof of registration and regularised situation before social security expect in case of promise of employment contract.
  8. Proof of Finance number.
  9. Employment contract or document issued under the terms of article A of paragraph 2 of article 88 of law 23/2007 of July 4.

So this is the method you can and apply for work Prime permit in Portugal with visiting visa. For more updates subscribe to our website

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