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Doctors logo : the complete secrets behind doctors logo explained ! see some exciting things

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Doctors logo : the complete secrets behind doctors logo explained ! see some exciting things

Doctors logo : the complete secrets behind doctors logo explained ! see some exciting things

What is hidden behind the logo used by doctors ? Did anyone think about this ? Here I am going to explain what is behind the logo used by doctors.

Usually almost all the professionals use logos which indicates there job for profession, Advocates, Doctors, Police and many more. Today we are going to decode the secrets behind the logo which used by doctors. Some years ago these doctors use + sign in their hospitals and vehicles but, now doctors are changed their logo. They have a new logo with lots of secrets in it. Now they have a logo with two snakes on a stick and they have wings. What is the actual connection with this logo and doctors ? They have their own reasons and explanations for the logo. Now we can go through the real secrets and explanations behind this logo.

Caducius this is the the real name of the logo used by doctors it has a Greek connection, let’s go through this connection. We are going through the Greek mythology, now what is Greek mythology ? It is a big history about the Greek gods. Everyone knows the Greek God Zeus, the god of lightning and sky. He has many sons, one day he given a power to one of his son Hermous which was the god of messengers. Not only this power but the god Zeus has given a stick to him. That stick was made by olive tree and it had two wings, but it never had two snakes in it, then how the snakes are in this logo ? I will tell you the story behind it. One day the god Hermous of lightning and sky has gone for a walk. That time he saw two snakes fighting in the land that time suddenly the god throw his stick in the centre of both the snakes suddenly they climbed into that stick and they become peaceful. that’s what the story behind this logo which used by buy doctors around the globe. Now what is the the connection with this story and the doctors ? This God hermus has one more name which is the patron of travel which means the god of travel.

In old times the doctors used to visit the patient’s home or patients place. But now in this century we the patients are going to the doctors for checkups or taking medicines. In ancient times the doctors will make medicines with some plans and all they will go miles to collect these plants and they will go miles to checkup the patients so the doctors are travellers too. Some people’s belief this is the reason behind the new logo of doctors. But I am not sure about this reason so I research about the secret behind the logo which uses doctors, let’s see what I find.

Actually this logo used by doctors is used by mistake. Some years before America also used to use this logo for their medical association. After this there were some problems regarding this logo used by American medical association. After this problem they have changed this logo with The logo “The staff of ASCLEPIUS”. American medical association is using the logo The Staff of Asclepius. This is the original symbol of medicine or the symbol of the god of medicine. They are mistakenly using the logo Caducius. This is not the mistake of doctors even the great power America also mistakenly used Caducius logo for American medical association.

Now we can check the common elements in both logos. There are 1 stick and the snake in both the logos. First we can take snake, snake is the symbol of the end. Now what is the connection with doctors and the snakes ? There is a rhyming called take the poison with the bitten snake. Or snake will remove it’s skin and regain its youth, this both process also symbolically shows or talks or same like doctors. Even snake poison is used as medicine so we can relate many things with doctors and snakes. But the doctors are not accepting this reason for they using the logo Caducius. They are not accepting that they are using Caducius logo, they are saying that they are using kundalini yoga , is it true ? Yes there are similarities with kundalini yoga.

Now what is kuntalini Yoga ? I will explain, We can relate snakes to energy maybe because the energy is related to snake is because the energy goes like curves. This may be the reason behind snakes are used for the symbol of energy. Kundalini is mainly described with three things ” Ida – pingala – sushumna” Ida – means this energize left side human body and right side human brain. Pingala – means this energize right side of human body left side of human brain. Sushumna – means this energize the spinal area of human body. If this three things work on same time this uses completely a human. On that time humans can done Astral projection, sixth sense, telepati who says the people who do kundalini yoga. But kuntalini yoga has no wings, but these are not the real reason behind the logo used by doctors I will explain actually what it is.

This logo Caducius has many other meanings which is “The protector of thieves, the guide of death” and this is used in Sathanisms diety named deformity diety. This diety’s stomach’s have a symbol like Caducius, check there is connections with doctors symbol Caducius and this. If the doctor symbol is that much positive why this symbol used by doctors is on a satanic diety ? Actually this symbol represent’s profit so, is medical field is only for profits nowadays ? And there is a daring meaning of this logo is if others are in problem too I will get profits !

Now if this reading person is a doctor if that doctor uses this logo without knowing these facts you guys should understand we have so many reasons behind everything. Like a logo, an incident, everything has a meaning with symbolism. The real meaning behind Caducius is “It’s all about wealth not about your health” so Doctors if you’re behind wealth you can still use this logo otherwise remove this logo from your vehicles and from your clinics and hospitals. Hey don’t think ! even America has changed their logo then why don’t you ?

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