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BMW revealed their concept “Vision Next 100” on its hundred year week celebration !


BMW revealed their concept “Vision Next 100” on its hundred year week celebration !

BMW revealed their concept “Vision Next 100” on its hundred year week celebration !

BMW celebrates 100 years this week released the car that will lead the party. BMW’s vision for the next hundred years is a Sporting salon. Not an SUV, not a hypercar, not a nuclear powered flying car, sports saloons are, says Adrian von Hooydonk, the “core of BMW”

But the BMW Vision next hundred, to give the car its full name is also autonomous, shape shifting and power by something they won’t name. Just like the I8 spider revealed at CES in January, it has two modes you drive or it drives. But even when you are driving, your in boost mode – boosted into Hero drivers. Augmented – reality guides you, projecting the ideal steering line and speed on to the windscreen.

BMW’S Vision Next 100’s Steering Wheel

The Augmented reality display will also project hidden hazards into your field of view. BMW’s example is a cyclist obscured by truck. Animes of the cyclist is projected onto your windscreen making the track magically semi transparent. If even that is all too difficult or you have other things to do switch to ease mode. Steering quadrant folds away and the chairs swival around so you can kick back and get on with life.

Front Dashboard of BMW’S Vision Next 100

Now this shape shifting business or alive geometry as Van Hooydonk calls it. The armadillo – scales triangles on the dash let the car warn you, almost subliminally, of upcoming hazards by opening to reveal their red flip sides. The external body work wears more of the same triangular motif. The wheels are faired in, so and once tend to steer, the bodywork structures to accommodate them. At the back of the car, the profile lengthens with speed, cutting a aero drag.

At the front, the kidney grille is present and correct, but Van Hooydonk poems about it isn’t needed ask an air intake – a clue that there’s no straight – six behind there. Instead they have re – purposed the grill as a porthole for all the sensors the car needs to drive autonomously. If you can imagine the future you have made the first step says AvH. He is imagine that something pretty don’t you think. Birthday future? “thoughts below please”

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