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Aquaman trailer arrived. And is all set to swim into theaters on Dec 21.

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Aquaman trailer arrived. And is all set to swim into theaters on Dec 21.

Aquaman trailer arrived. And is all set to swim into theaters on Dec 21.

Aquaman trailer arrived. In oneday the trailer hit 17 Million views  on  Youtube,
Warner Bros is all set for a big bang with there  upcoming films: Aquaman, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Shazam. The clips and trailers served as the weekend’s high-profile reveals, but they also proved Warner Bros. is about to be more exciting than it has been in years.

Aquaman sees Jason Momoa reprise the titular role,as he’s forced to contend with his royal legacy and his outsider status. Aquaman looks to pull from the character’s rich comic book history – most notably Geoff Johns’ run on the character in 2011,
and make him a power player with popularity akin to Wonder Woman in the eyes of general audience members.
By injecting the same adrenaline rush that has served Wan well in both the realms of horror and action,
Aquaman looks like a wholly unique movie going experience that may be the latter half of 2018’s biggest event film.

Aquaman poster

One of the trailer’s most exciting moments is when we see Arthur and Mera struggling against monsters known as the Trench.
When Atlan sank Atlantis, the surviving kingdoms were forced to adapt to their new surroundings. The Trench evolved to survive the dark depths of the ocean, taking on a more monstrous appearance. This sequence will definitely give Wan a chance to tap into his love of horror and showcase the film’s ability to move in and out of different genres.
In the trailer, we also see glimpses of the other Kingdoms, the Fishermen and the Brine, as Orm prepares for an all-out war that involves riding massive sea creatures. Exploring the deep and discovering the different cultures that exist under the sea will certainly be one of the film’s biggest selling points as Wan introduces audiences to a new universe amidst a familiar one.

Aquaman won’t only be forced to contend with undersea adversaries, but a human one as well. In the comics,
Aquaman accidently killed Manta’s father, creating a personal grudge between the men, one that results in Black Manta killing Aquaman’s infant son in one of DC’s earliest moments of uncompromising bleakness. Michael Beach has been cast in Manta’s father in the film, making it safe to speculate that this grudge will be born from similar circumstances.
A treasure hunter and mercenary, Black Manta has famously had a design said to be near-impossible to re-create in live-action. Art designer Pascal Blanche was up to the challenge, and we have Black Manta in a costume that’s not only practical but entirely accurate to the comics.

Wan has said that Manta will play a secondary role in the film, with the crux of the film centering on the conflict between Arthur and Orm.
But with rising star Abdul-Mateen II in the role, and Black Manta being a central member of the Legion of Doom, it seems likely we’ll see a lot more of him in the future. Although Aquaman’s future isn’t promised, this trailer has us ready to welcome what will hopefully be a long-running franchise. Wan certainly has plenty of material to pull from and explore.
As a collective entity, DC’s cinematic universe may not have garnered the love of the masses yet, but Aquaman looks like the buried treasure so many moviegoers have been waiting for Warner Bros. to uncover.

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