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Aashiq Abu is all set for mammootty Movie Gangster 2


Aashiq Abu is all set for mammootty Movie Gangster 2

Aashiq Abu is all set for mammootty Movie Gangster 2

Mammootty Movie Gangster 2

Gangster the malayalam movie was released in 2014 with Mega Star Mammootty in the lead role directed by Aashiq Abu, Now the reports says that Mammooty Movie Gangster 2 is going to happen. The story of the movie portrayed a gangster which was a big flop in theaters. Mammooty, Aashiq Abu and the writers of the movie had many criticisms from the fans as well as the malayalam audiences after the release of Gangster.

Expectations and hype made this film a huge flop, now reports says that this movie will have a second part named Gangster 2 with Mega Star Mammootty in the lead role. Aashiq Abu will be the director, and the veteran writer Shyam Pushkar will be the writer of this film. The first part of this movie Gangster had a weak script and that was the major reason for the flop of this movie, but the second part will have a strong and mass script which is penned by Shyam Pushkar. Shyam Pushkar is one among the best script writers of malayalam film industry and this is making the fans go crazy about Gangster 2. Gangster was a classic action movie but, reports says Gangster 2 will be a mass action movie.

Mammootty movie gangster 2
Mammootty movie Gangster

Malayalam audience where crazy when Shyam Pushkar penned Iyobinte Pusthakam which was acted by Fahad Fasil. This movie was a mass action movie and it was one of the big blockbuster in 2014. After this movie Shyam Pushkar never written a mass action movie, all the movies penned by him was had realistic fights. After a big long gap again he is writing a mass action film Which will be Gangster 2. Social media fan pages and fan groups are in discussion about the second part of Gangster.

Mammootty Movie Gangster 2
Aashiq Abu and Shyam Pushkar

Official confirmations are yet to be disclosed. If the writer can rewrite all the mistakes Gangster 2 will be the boxoffice fire. Any ways Gangster 2 is a discussion among the social media and fan groups. Audience is eagerly waiting for the official confirmations for the Mammootty Movie Gangster 2. Let’s wait for the official co formations by the movie crew.

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