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A good investigative thriller with love story at its core ! Luca Review

Movie Review

A good investigative thriller with love story at its core ! Luca Review

A good investigative thriller with love story at its core ! Luca Review

The journey of Luca & Niharika takes through a world of Creativity, Joy, Sorrow and above all what makes us human. Hope that we will find the true love that we all seek for, The charectors in the movie are relatable, they laugh, they cry, have their relationship tested, they are ready to stand up for their loved ones and ready to for any extent to protect their relationship.

The childhood Lica & Niharika go through helps you realize how they want each other to act as cornerstone of their life. The way they meet and become acquaintances tells you the charector, Luca is a loving but short tempered who is like an open book, he cannot hide his emotions. Niharika is on the other hand evolved in to a person who can adapt to the situation, perfectly each other.

They drive each other mad like any other couples through their quirks and make up in their own ways. Tovino Thomas and Ahaana Krishna has done an excellent job in their lovely charectors in Luca. The spark between Luca and Niharika, the love between them is magically working in the movie. Ahaana has managed to work with Tovino’s impromptu acting methods.

Tovino Thomas & Ahaana Krishna makes the perfect pairing in the recent times. Another excellent talent which have to be said is Akbar Hussein, with atmost poise and style. The subplots and support cast in the movie are mostly essential to carry the investigative side of the story. The climax of the movie keeps you engaged. The other mentionable thing is it’s best in class Music and BGM, Sooraj S Kurup has making waves in recent times with his dashing music. All of the songs will grow in your mind and the picturisation of the song will make them even more special.

Movie Rating : 3.5/5

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