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75 KM in Just 10 Rupees ! Ather 450


75 KM in Just 10 Rupees ! Ather 450

75 KM in Just 10 Rupees ! Ather 450

Indias 1st Own Tesla. Ather 450.  There are some reasons, Ather Stands out from Other Electric Vehicles .


First of all It Doesn’t look like an electric vehicle    . Yes, If somebody tells you this scooter runs on petrol, Probably you will believe it . These Scooters Got  smooth lines  all over it . There is not much sticker works, The side stand tucks in beautifully  and is one of the sexiest side stand you will see in a scooter.

When you Leave the seat up There is a lot of space  is available .The battery pack sits  on the floor board  . Its a lithium iron battery pack  strong enough to run a mid sized house for 3 to 5 hours . Talking about design . The designers tried to give a clean but aggressive  look and feel for ather. The designs is Completely Fresh and Stunning . Especially Led lights and Exposed Sub-frame looks amazing. It also features a Touch Screen navigation system with its own sim card .
The engine is much fast and agile. Dc motors produces 20.h NM of torque and a peak. power output of 7.2 BHP. The battery  charging Takes about 2hr and 4o minutes. once charged you can go around 80km at eco drive mode.

Moreover It costs Just 10 Rs For riding 75km in Ather 450 !



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